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ow to take pictures of South India; a text-sparse, SEO & X-Pro II filter-heavy showed, slightly blurry instagrammed overview.

1. At around 8000 ft over sea level, Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu– Ooty for short– is a ridiculously pretty area. Stress this. Breathtaking views with terraced tea eastates, pastel housed-hillsides like Laudurée boxes, double-height entrances that see motorcycles parked on antennaed roofings, red-tiled A structures to cause rapturous screeches as well as N-frame handclasps. If in a car, do not quit it. Happy ruminants, flower rugs, reduced clusters of indolic offerances– jasmine, mallipoo– anywhere. Unpictured: the heady haze of eucalyptus after the rainfall. #scenic #hillstation #likeswitzerland #likekashmir #greenery #touristseason #pretty

2. Marigolds as well as mousetraps. Threaded garlands hanging like shawarmas or gyros or your Mediterranean inverse pyriamid of option. Avatars to cover all bases of worship– the Hindu pantheon, Jesus and also Mary, and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha also known as Umma. In India today, there is Umma (mother) in the south, Mamata Banerjee also known as Didi (senior sibling) in the West, Mayawati aka Behenji (sister) as well as Sheila Dikshit also known as Aunty in the North, as well as Sonia Gandhi also known as Mata India (Mom India) as Head Of State. (Like JLo or Giselle, their glam aspect can be calculated by the number of words required.) In Ooty, too, there is castration anxiousness to be had, with a range of scythes, sickles and spears adoringly showed at the market. #billionpeople #women #empowerment #politics #worldslargestdemocracy #religion #sharpimplements #castrationanxiety

3. B-A-N-A-N-A-S for bananas. Occasionally they are organized in a tricolour, so regarding mimic the orange, white, and green of the Indian flag. Consist of a spot of gray or violet or better, navy blue so as to suggest the Asoka Chakra upon squinting. Also consist of shots of your ela sapad, or meal served on a fresh banana fallen leave since this is why Instagram was designed. (As just recently demonstrated by Facebook, the means to mobile hegemony is via the tummy. Possibly.) Press food around so it looks as if you have actually cleaned your leaf clean. Properly filtered and also nostalgicised, you will certainly neglect how much food went to waste in these sort of all-you-can-eat-or-photograph dishes. #billiondollars #bananas #india #instagram #facebook #mobile

4. Do not fail to remember the British. Ooty has the curious top quality of not quite being post-colonial. It used to be the summer season resources of the Madras Presidency, and also faded-but-lovingly-buffed vestiges can be found almost everywhere. Old World design with dark timbers, taxidermied pets hovering precariously, detected white linen, quilted leather, cravatted white men with horses and also dogs, as well as the periodic whiff of cane is de rigeur. Make certain there are no living people in your pictures, other than maybe in unclear silhouette For additional steez, find some boarding institution guests to position in the armchair+ hand weights old style weighting maker. Bring back a decoction/filter coffee set, cut your thumb on the take care of, make up questionably peaty gray sludge. Do not Instagram this. #didyouknowthebritishwerehere #noreally



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