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If there was an artist that represented the place that songs required to visit be future-weird today, maybe MIA, and specifically her video for “Poor Girls”. The distinction is not quantitative– she does not arrive simply by upping the weirdness octane. The dive is qualitative. There is something taking place there amongst glam style, tabla drums, high-speed cars and truck techniques as well as ghost-riding the whip, spliced between desert auto fires and eye shadow over leopard print shrouds. Bear in mind the context: this is the artist doing the music for Julian Assange’s new tv program on Russia Today.

— When the Future Weird Becomes Cosmopolitan

I wrote this in 2012, a few months after MIA launched her video clip for “Poor Ladies.” That was additionally when Cosmopolis was released, a film of the unique released by Don DeLillo in 2003. In 2003, the Cosmopolis novel was future-weird. In 2012, it had not been, yet MIA was.

The future-weird is something that occurs in the here and now. It is an incredible valley of atemporality, in which we unexpectedly obtain the feeling that we are not taking a look at the here and now, yet in some way staring with the here and now and also into the future. We are instantly faced with the irrepressible nature of history, and also just how whatever we assume we understand concerning the globe is being blasted onward off its balance, like Walter Benjamin’s bad angel stumbling right into a metro authorities checkpoint, and also dropping its e-cigarette into a puddle of threw up Soylent.

In 2010, Bruce Sterling and Chris Nakashima-Brown created the short story “Windsor Exec Solutions,” a really future-weird speculative tale regarding the future of the British Monarchy. It includes a South Eastern pop celebrity named Kolly, “the High Priestess of Weird,” that seems a thinly-veiled reference to MIA– the verses to Kolly’s song “My Harryz Got ta Gun” in the narrative consists of location-based shout outs to world cities, similar to MIA’s real track, “Bucky Done Weapon”, released in 2005. In the exact same year Sterling as well as Nakashima-Brown released their tale, MIA released Kaya, the initial track of which is “The Message”:

  • Headbone connects to the earphones
  • Headphones link to the apple iphone
  • apple iphone linked to the net
  • Attached to the Google
  • Attached to the federal government

— The Message

In 2013 Edward Snowden dripped files from the NSA that generally verified that MIA’s metaphorical lyrics in “The Message” were actual. In 2013 she released her cd Matangi, consisting of the track “Double Bubble Problem”, the video clip for which was launched this week. This video clip is, simply, a list of future-weird.

Estate-dwelling young people dancing self-choreographed moves in front of the Drone Survival Overview, showing off 3D printed guns, vaping smoke-bubble methods, screenprinted anti-facial recognition shrouds, as well as a number of other Brand-new Aesthetic memes and patterns as well subliminal audio to actually discuss. The final dance section is carried out under homemade quadrotors blinking LED peace signs, as well as the video direction (done by MIA herself) takes off right into a Tumblr-bling mandala of Impact typeface, photoshopped drone silhouettes, dub webpunk, and various other glitch-crash images.

What the hell is taking place? Looking at this as well as calling it weird, or perhaps future-weird, doesn’t appear to be sufficient. From this onslaught of images it is clear that atemporality is boiling down around us like a riot, or a knocked down housing project. Now what? What do we do after enjoying this video a few (or 10) times?

There is a sense in which web culture emerges as a pageant. If you wish to find what seapunk is, you can do a Tumblr or Google Photo search, and also exist with a ceremony of narrative pieces. Enough time of the infinite scroll, and also you start to internalize the standard components of the faith. You want to scrape that theology, commodify it, and also make it right into your own personal style, you get a green screen as well as just do it, like Rihanna or Azealia Financial institutions did, dance around before it, and then wait on the run-down media to keep up it.

This video may be a good bit pageant. It feels like a shopping list: stuff as much of it as possible, overload the viewer with future-weird for being future-weird. But as high as we play Bingo with our topics of passion, noting paradoxically when all of us appear to state the very same checklist of buzzwords and ideas, there is a factor behind our obsessions.

We clothe ourselves in self-defined logos due to the fact that they are sigils. We make the same faces in our selfies because they are motions. We 3D print or otherwise get the same icons, antiques, and also holy publications since these items are animate, the little daily gods of the thin DIY faith that holds all of it together for us.

Individuals feel this stuff.

Half a million Youtube views in a few days. MIA isn’t simply reciting things that she saw in an image search. She went out and also constructed drones, or had a person build them, as well as people are feeling it. Individuals visited Springtime Breakers numerous times not since they wanted to burglarize people or because they couldn’t head out and get drunk and also naked if they desired, however because the manic pattern of media photo was saying something that they needed to hear. In this glitch-clash of future-weird, there is something we were waiting to listen to.

MIA remained in a Super Bowl halftime program. High Priestess of Unusual she could be, as well as she may even have a certain activist cred with her contributions as well as outspoken personality. But she is conventional, no question. The question is that is feeling her work? And also what her job is telling them, despite whether she is mainstream. “Hemorrhaging edge” is not the leading placement it once was. It’s not regarding being ahead of the pack, it’s about having the celebration down so well, you do not need to evangelize, you simply inform the faithful what they require to listen to at the correct time, and all the pieces just fall into place with the strong clack of a homemade shotgun being racked.

What is the message here? We know our iPhones are attached to the Google, as well as the Google is attached to the federal government. So what is following? What is the barrel of the 3D printed gun linked to? What occurs when particular tech bubbles stand out?

I’m not in a position to make these sorts of predictions. And also MIA, in spite of being a high priestess, is certainly not a sybil. Yet some youngsters around, that got together with their dance clique and also got a 3D printer or a handful of $30 flight controller boards, or that authored a meme that was continued the front lines of a basic strike, or that simply occurred to see a damning private documents cross their desk, that may or may not have seen this video clip, are going to make that determination for all of us.



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