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As soon as I say the word “seapunk,” in regarding it is a word, it will certainly have already said a number of aspects of this post, put it in a specific area. Even if this article is not around seapunk itself, yet looks for to talk about a larger web phenomena outside of this topical category that has just recently gained a certain amount of blog site cache, by utilizing the word, this has currently become a blogpost concerning seapunk. (I took a gif from Tumblr to be double-sure.).

If you were previously not aware, there was this Rihanna performance on Saturday Evening Live, as well as there was this video clip by Azealia Banks, and after that there were conventional accusations that larger pop celebrities were biting the design of smaller sized pop stars. The style was called seapunk, and also to name a few things, can be acknowledged rather easily by the existence of late 90s vintage CGI featuring both clouds and also water at the same time (my personal test). Likewise, perhaps, pyramids, dolphins, as well as flying 3D symbols for numerous currencies. There are plenty of posts and articles about the truths and also advantages of seapunk, and also the debate, which you can Google in one more tab right now, if you wish to read about it.

I first came across seapunk sometime in 2015 when it was stated to me by a close friend. I took a note, as well as really did not do any study on it up until this past week. I just remember this, since I was in fact able to find the note. Seapunk is hardly one-of-a-kind hereof– I come across a hundred things a week that I do not consider, that I see in handing down Twitter or listen to in discussion. A complete 90% of all conversations I have regarding songs seem to take this form.

  • ” Have you become aware of [band X]”.
  • ” No.”.
  • ” Have you become aware of [subgenre Y]”.
  • ” No.”.

Which’s completion of it. Immediately, I fail to remember whatever it was that was stated to me that I had not formerly heard of, as well as I envision the majority of people do in a similar way. There are just numerous keyword phrases around to consider, to pay attention to, to study as well as absorb, that I feel like I rarely discuss anything important pertaining to music. Even if the answer to the above inquiries were “indeed,” then the next statement would certainly be, “oh yes, cool.” It’s just name-checking. In a passing conversation, the possibility that 2 different individuals would certainly have similar adequate aesthetic frames of reference to really say anything significant is pretty low. To a degree, discussions regarding music are primarily simply comparing lists of key words.

Normally, my impulse to really research a certain artist or design is terminated by a couple of triggers. Either it is an individual whose taste as well as knowledge I trust implicitly, as well as therefore take their reccomendations as authority; or, I wait until I bear in mind hearing a particular keyword phrase 3 times, and then make a decision that I a minimum of need to see what this emergency is speaking about.

And for this reason, I found seapunk this week when I could not overlook the hashtag any longer. Apart from choosing that it is, in some way, “culturally intriguing” for its odd glitchiness as well as early net kitsch (and that we are finally seeming to be able to also say, “very early net kitsch”), probably the most valuable contribution I could make is linking this to the Magic Eye craze of the very early 90s, and passingly recommend that maybe autostereograms implanted something in our aesthetic pre-consciouses then.

However extra intriguing to me than seapunk was that I found the LOL Boys, which is the now-on-hiatus DJ duo of Jerome Potter and also Markus Garcia. I want to blog about them, as well as just how they are not seapunk, yet they are, and this way they are something more than seapunk. Their songs is not specifically seapunk, but they use a specific amount of similar imagery in their videos. These glitchy productions are probably worth a look, seapunk or not. (Their track below, “123,” appears much more like 3Ball than seapunk, to me. Suffice to say, I “Liked” this video clip on Youtube.).

Potter as well as Garcia are self-described “web close friends” that were making music together before they ever fulfilled in person. In this interview for Fader Magazine, they chat a bit about this networked partnership:.

POTTER: We were both in Montreal in the month of December. Apart from that time though, we actually only see each other on trip. Which differs, yet I would certainly claim typically as soon as a month. We “see” each other online almost daily. It’s nice that with the web, place is pointless. Physical room remains in a way erased. I have actually gotten on message boards considering that I was about 14, being associated with music. I keep in mind conference kids from those boards at performances when I remained in high school, and that’s continued to today.

We most definitely have actually pertained to expand made use of to this process. We have actually done whatever the same way, also when we have actually been in the exact same city. It makes a true, collective art task. When you remain in the workshop together, there is constantly a balance of control. The way we do it, at one factor, one of us has 100% control of the direction of a song. Then it’ll be sent to the various other who then has 100% control, after that it moves. It’s different yet it makes it interesting to see where the song ends up.



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