Transmissions 015: martyn pepperell’s contemporary new zealand mix


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What do you find out about New Zealand songs, or rather, what do not you understand about New Zealand music?

Probably you recognize with Flying Religious woman Records, Xpressway or Corpus Hermeticum? Possibilities are you recognize the tunes to ‘Do not Fantasize It’s Over’, ‘How Strange’ and also ‘Royals’? Names like The Upbeats, Fat Freddy’s Decrease and also Douglas Lilburn might indicate something to you, or not.

At The State’s request, I compiled this Transmission mix for them. Having actually invested my majority of my adult life functioning as a freelance songs, arts and also culture journalist, radio broadcaster and DJ in New Zealand, it made good sense to keep things close to residence. Digital heart, noise beatscapes, singing make-up, drone people, psychedelic RnB, tourist music as well as bedsit lo-fi resting together in comfy consistency and unsettlingly harshness. Think about it as a short sampler for the modern local underground in 2014.


  • Chelsea Jade|Locate Me
  • Groeni|The Oak
  • Unmap|Somativa
  • FIS|Speech Spirits
  • Dudley Benson|Tirairaka
  • Purple Pilgrims|Drudical Daydreamer
  • Unknown Temporal Orchestra|So Efficient Remaining In Trouble
  • Connan Mockasin|Do I Make You Feeling Shy?
  • Rodi Kirk|Pisces
  • Surprising Pinks|St Louis task Gemma Syme


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