Transmissions_003 // teju cole’s capacity mix


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When THE STATE asked me to DJ a mix, I asked myself what a soundtrack for the World war on Horror may look like. Here’s the result


1– The Twilight (DJ Darkness Remix)|Radiohead|DJ Darkness Remix

2– Zombie|Analytical Vortex, Frown & Spoek Mathambo|Red Hot + Fela World

3– Capacity (Lynn, Bronx)|Vijay Iyer & Mike Ladd|Quieting: The Veterans’ Dreams Job (feat. Maurice Decaul & Lynn Hillside).

4– Galang (Triad Riot Variation)|The Vijay Iyer Triad|Historicity.

5– Soup Boys [Prod. By Lushlife]|Heems|White Water Kingdom.

6– Amphitheater Accomplishment. The Leader|Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)|The REcstatic (Remix Cd.

7– Mshini Wam (accomplishment. Avuyile Tosa & Yolanda Fyrus Xashi)|Spoek Mathambo|Mshini Wam.

8– Plastic|Portishead|Third.

9– GDMFSOB|DJ Darkness|The Private Repres.

10– Revelator|Gillian Welch|Time (The Relevator).

11– 100,000 Individuals|Philip Glass|The Haze of War.

12– [untitled]|Burial|Not true.


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