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Khairani Barokka’s Durian Amok column introduces the very first podcast in our TRANSMISSIONS collection. Below, Okka [C] revers with Stefanie Wuschitz [R], director of Mz Baltazar’s Research laboratory– which is “a weekly occasion in Vienna, particularly for individuals who call themselves ladies or trans– and Sophie McDonald [L], one of the organizers at MzTEK, which is a non-profit organisation with the aim of resolving the inequality of women musicians operating in the fields of brand-new media, computer arts, and modern technology.


  • Sophie: It’s Mz-Tek.
  • Okka: Mz-Tek, OK, great.
  • So: Yeah.
  • O: Mz.
  • So: Mz. It’s sort of like a take on, what is it, the acronym of the Mr. and Mrs. Mz. Ms.
  • O: Got it, got it, yes. OK, I like that, so Mz.
  • O: Invite to the initial podcast version of Durian Amok, with two wonderful ladies that are Stefanie Wuschitz in Vienna, Austria … Are you presently in Vienna, right now?

Stefanie: I’m at the moment in Vienna. There’s lots of snow right here.

O: Great. So photo lots of snow in your minds. And she heads up Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory, which is “an once a week event in Vienna, specifically for persons who call themselves women or trans. If you like to make things, instead of eating them, assemble at Mz Baltazar’s to share your skills. Various backgrounds, ages and also frame of minds come together to exchange equipment, construct circuits, play with do it yourself electronics as well as interactive art, and all workshops are cost-free ‘in order to supply a courageous, easily accessible system to dabble with male-connotated toys’.” [O and St laugh.] I like that phrase “male-connotated toys”. They utilize open resource soft- and also equipment, “see the process of demythifying technology as a fun means to articulate ourselves as well as become creative.”.

As well as we additionally have one of the coordinators of MzTEK, which is a non-profit organisation with the aim of attending to the inequality of females musicians operating in the fields of new media, computer system arts, and also modern technology. It’s based in London, and sustained by Hackney arts establishment [room], and also Centre for Creative Cooperation in Kings Cross.

They hold a variety of workshops, talks, and self-initiated tinker sessions. Geeky skills within an arts context, according to Sophie, and also public occasions with women offering technology-based tasks. They also produce exhibitions, and use their account to highlight the lack of women in the field.

  • So welcome Sophie and Stefanie.
  • So: Thank you.
  • St: Hello, thanks.

O: First of all, I wish to– I simply gave you a short intro, but if you want to talk a bit regarding just how each your organizations became, and how you happened with them. Sophie, if you wish to start, and afterwards Stefanie.

So: So, MzTEK started in January 2009. I cofounded it with Sally Northmore. And also we truly started it as a means to access the arts-technology neighborhood, and also learn about technology in such a way that we wanted to find out. So we ‘d found that obtaining associated with technology– we fulfilled on a program, actually, that was not to our expectations. And so we believed we might truly check out alternative education models by setting up MzTEK as a way to accessibility experienced musicians and the innovation, current modern technology that was available, being utilized.

O: Can I ask what was unqualified your expectations in the course, what you thought required changing to ensure that you intended to make your own?

So: Yeah, the program promoted what the training course was mosting likely to be, but when we showed up, half of the program was not really going to take place, and also we were asked to discover tutors and inquire to run the workshops. And we believed, well, we might probably do that without the large fee of a masters program. So we went ahead and also talked to [area] media arts center, and also they were really delighted to sustain us in offering us workshop room, and after that networks, and they motivated us to talk to great deals of various individuals, invite individuals to run workshops and speak about their job. We would certainly also discovered that there was certainly an absence of females in the field, as well as [area] likewise, in their 40 years of experience, had actually also discovered that. So we decided to do it as women-only, as a method to really address that imbalance, and additionally discover a way that females can construct their own society within arts as well as modern technology.

O: And Stefanie, wish to discuss when and how Mz Baltazar’s Research laboratory transpired?

St: It came about at the same time as MzTEK. It was 2009, and also I was in Sweden for a digital art fellowship, as well as I intended to collaborate with other people [on] Arduino, which is a free equipment platform, as well as other dabbling with electronics. So I asked people from various fields like IT and also interactive layout and also arts to come together to weekly conferences. That was in Umea, in Northern Sweden, due to the fact that I was there for a year.

And then what I discovered was that there were great deals of interested individuals coming, yet they were all man, and also they all wanted to do approximately the exact same points, they wished to either make music with it or build robotics or cars. My friends from arts, my female buddies from arts, they really did not wish to come since they believed they also need to make cars! And also–.



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